Let Me Show You The Town...

Along with staying on top of the changes in the Real Estate market, I believe it is as equally important to know your surroundings and experience what the area has to offer. Our likes may not always be the same, however, I would like to show you the area through my experiences and hope you enjoy it as much as I have throughout the years.


Mother nature is never consistent in northern Minnesota come spring time, so you have to be prepared to either go ice fishing or get your boat out. There is also plenty to do

between hunting turkeys or watching for the migratory birds come back into the area. The energy level rises with the temperature and like the leaves on the trees, eveyone seems to come back to life.

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The docks are in and boats out of storage and many great family times have started at the lake. I have been fortunate enough to have the greatest playground right out the back

door and the choices of activities are bountiful. You can relax on a peaceful kayak ride or get everyone together for a bonfire, it's great just to be on or near the water. There is no replacement for a full moon peeking out over the lake. If you not use to seeing it, you may mistake it for fire.

Itasca State Park | Biking | Hiking


If your looking for a great place to take in the fall colors, Itasca Park and the Smokey Hills State Forest are some of the best places in our area. You can easily drive through both

locations, plus you can even take your bike through Itasca and who knows, you even may sign up for the Headwater's 100 Bike Ride. Fall season also brings out the many different hunting opportunities for the sports person. My parents and grandparents introduced myself and siblings to hunting at an early age and I hope to share the same with my granddaughter along with the stories past down for generations.

Itasca State Park | Biking | Hiking


Minnesota winter is my favorite time of the year as long as the snow is plentiful and temperatures are tolerable. Whether you take a trail, or just head through the woods,

there is nothing like a trip through the woods to give yourself a break to enjoy the outdoors and take in the scenery that cannot be viewed from the road.

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Itasca State Park - Skiing/Snowshoeing
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